Voice Changer & Sounboard for PUBG

Add a live Voice Changer to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Proximity Voice Chat has never been so Funny.


Windows 10/11 (64-bit)

Download Voicemod for Desktop

Voicemod is a free real-time voice changer and soundboard available on both Windows and macOS. Give us your email to get Voicemod in your mailbox.

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Jump from the plane, choose somewhere to land and get ready to… survive! Because that’s what PUBG is all about. For a start you might want to avoid high traffic cities, find a quiet spot to get some garments and weapons and the players count will gradually drop. Or maybe you are the shooter type, going for busy landscapes and getting other players killed. Whatever is your style, you can take it to the next level using Voicemod. With the voice changer you can change your voice in PUBG at anytime while you play or you can also use sound effects with the soundboard. You can scare other players, surprise them, or even prank them. Download Voicemod for FREE and live the experience!

How to use the voice changer & soundboard for PUBG


voicebox voicemod

To use Voicemod voice modulator in PUBG, follow these 4 simple steps. It will only take a few minutes:


  1. Download, install and configure Voicemod on your PC.
  2. In the communication app that you use for your online games (Steam, Discord…), select Voicemod Virtual Audio Device (WDM) as audio input. Now your modified voice and the meme sounds will be heard by everyone.
  3. Select the voices you want to use in the game and add your sounds to the soundboard, assigning them keybinds as you go.
  4. Enter the PUBG world with a voice changer and your favorite sounds. Now you are definitely ready for the battle!

Voicemod Voice Changer app is the best way to go PRO on PUBG voice chat. Change your voice and create some hilarious and funny moments with proximity chat and teammates in PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. With oodles of amazing voice effects like female/girl, scream, robot, pitch, deep, demon, magic chords, harmony and much more… With Voicemod you can change your voice in real time and enjoy epic moments with your friends while you play online.


You can use sound effects when you are jumping from the plane or as soon as you land, when you have a rival face to face or when you enter an abandoned house and you know that there is someone around the corner. Whatever moment is a good Voicemod moment! Add a new extra layer of excitement to your gaming with the soundboard for PUBG. Want more? Add your favorite sounds to keybinds for a quicker and easier access!

If you want to take customization to another level, there is also the possibility to upload your own sounds from your PC to Voicemod in .WAV or MP3 formats. Create your own soundboards to use at anytime while gaming, perfect for all type of situations!


Voicemod Soundboard



Yes, you can. Follow these steps to set up Voicemod voice changer in PUBG mobile:


  1. Download BlueStacks on your PC and log in with a Google account
  2. Look for PUBG in the Search box and install it
  3. Inside BlueStacks go to Settings> Audio> Choose your preferred audio devices > Select Voicemod Virtual Audio Device as Microphone and press Save Changes
  4. Now download the Voicemod App on this page and install it correctly on your PC
  5. Open Voicemod and enable ‘Hear Myself’ and ‘Voice changer and start testing the different voice filters available. You can also test the different sounds in the Soundboard section.
  6. Choose your favorite voice effect and go back to your PUBG game in BlueStacks.

How to use Voicemod with other games & apps

We have prepared some tutorials to help you configure Voicemod with your favorite programs.