Meta voice: the start of metavoices

A new way to express yourself

Meta voices are the future of social expression. They will undoubtedly generate a need when talking and dealing with others in the metaverse. A meta voice: the future

A Meta Voice: What metavoices mean

When we talk about metavoices we are talking about a system of expression outside of real life. A way to express oneself outside of human capabilities and to make the individual feel fulfilled with himself, within himself. Nothing can stop a meta voice, everyone can sound as he wants: with a higher pitch, with voice tuning, with reverb, with delay,… the identity within the metaverse is clear: a meta voice escapes anything.

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Meta voice: a voice for the metaverse. Metavoices, the future

Voicemod’s technology allows you to create a meta voice from scratch. Meta voices allow you to feel like yourself from any angle, network, or environment. You choose your tone, your space, your being…

Does Voicemod allow to generate meta voices?

Of course. Voicemod has technology that allows you to generate your virtual self, a unique identity. A meta voice is basically what you need to identify yourself in VR Chat, Discord or any communication channel you need.

A 100% sound identity.