Get the Official Rick and Morty Soundboard for Voicemod

Calling all Rick and Morty fans! Today is your lucky day. We’ve just released the OFFICIAL Rick and Morty soundboard in partnership with Warner Bros. With 34 sound snippets of the show’s most popular quotes, meme sounds and audio effects this fully licensed soundboard brings the dark humor and chaos of Rick and Morty to all your online interactions. 


Whether you’re a gamer, streamer, or content creator, play sound bites from this iconic animated series with just the click of a button. Keep reading to see how you can get hilarious reactions with this one-of-a-kind soundboard.

Welcome to the World of Rick and Morty

For those of you who don’t already know, Rick and Morty is an Emmy-winning animated series that follows the misadventures of the eccentric, genius scientist, Rick, and his easily-influenced grandson, Morty. With memorable characters and dark humor combined with sci-fi elements, this show has a massive fan base who follows along to the absurd adventures of Rick and Morty. 


And that’s why we’ve created the official Rick and Morty soundboard with some of the best quotes and catchphrases from the show – perfect for your streams, games, and Discord chats.

What is a Rick and Morty Soundboard?

A soundboard is a collection of sound snippets that you can trigger at the touch of a button. Our new Rick and Morty soundboard features high-quality sounds from the original series. These sounds include catchphrases, quotes, and hilarious one liners that have helped entertain Rick and Morty fans for the last decade. This soundboard is fully licensed and authentic, which is exclusive to the partnership between Voicemod and Warner Bros. 


For a next-level experience, be sure to pair your Rick and Morty soundboard with the Elgato Stream Deck to make your sounds even more easily accessible. Otherwise, feel free to assign keybinds in the Voicemod app to trigger your sounds at the perfect moment. 

How to Get the Rick & Morty Soundboard  

We could go on and on about how totally awesome this soundboard is. But we’d rather you hear it for yourself! Get the Rick and Morty soundboard in the Voicemod Store today and get ready to blow up your group chats with iconic sound bites.


Whether it be your Discord chats, Twitch streams, or in-game voice chats, your online socializing will never be the same again after this one.



Get the pack!

Windows 10/11 (64-bit)