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Windows 10/11 (64-bit)

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Voicemod is a free real-time voice changer and soundboard available on both Windows and macOS. Give us your email to get Voicemod in your mailbox.

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With Voicemod you can use the voice modulator in the game chat and surprise your opponents. In addition, using Voicemod PRO’s Voice Maker, you can design your own voices and sound like your favorite Overwatch characters like Ana, Reinhardt, Mercy, Zarya or hooking Roadhog.

Voicemod is the best free app for messing around with your friends in Overwatch voice chat or playing sound effects during game!

Joke with your teammates like a PRO!


Overwatch Voice Changer
for online chat

How to get Overwatch Voice Changer? Very easy.

Overwatch chat allows players to communicate with each other, by adding Voicemod voice changer you can modulate your voice in real time and scare players. If you are a Voicemod PRO user, you can use the Voice Maker functionality and design voices that resemble those of the game’s characters. Make your games more fun!

Once the voice modifier is installed on your PC you can select between the voices already designed or, if you are a PRO user, you can create your own voice messages with the Voice Maker.

overwatch voice changer voicemod

How to use Voicemod
as voice changer for Overwatch?

  1. Download, install & open Voicemod Voice Changer App. Select the inputs and outputs of your headset to use the Voice Changer in Overwatch.
  2. Open your System Audio Settings & configure Microphone (Voicemod Virtual Audio Device (WDM)) as Default Microphone.
  3. Save and Apply.
  4. Open the game and enjoy Overwatch with Voicemod Voice Changer in Voice Chat.
  5. Remember, when you don’t want to use Voicemod app to transform your voice in your streaming/communication audio chat or game, you have to set your real microphone as your input device again.

Maybe you want Overwatch 2 Voice Changer

As soon as you join the game you are automatically assigned to your Team Voice Chat channel or Group voice in Overwatch 2 if you are in a group with other players. At any moment you can switch between those channels in the Social Menu channel screen (keyboard shortcut P) and select the icon with headphones next to the channel you prefer.

Now that you have the desired communication channel, continue the same as before by choosing your favorite voice or experiment creating brand new from the Voicelab.

@voicemod Pie, Pie, Pie | credit:@SETHIMUS PRIME TIME and outfoxed gaming (YT). #voicemod #voicefilter #overwatch #overwatch2 ♬ original sound – Voicemod 🎙

@voicemod How to sound like Zenyatta from Overwatch 🔥 | Clip by: @outfoxedgaming @isic (YT) #Zenyatta #Overwatch #Voicemod #live #stream #fypage ♬ original sound – Voicemod 🎙


Overwatch Soundboard

Voicemod can also function as a soundboard in Overwatch with which to reject samples of game characters (Reaper, Genji, Hero, Zenyatta, Doomfist, Moira, Winston, Tracer, Junkrat, Orisa or Athena), audio memes or music samples. Etos audio files can be heard through the voice chat of the game and with them you can trolling your friends.

Voicemod is a perfect Soundboard for Overwatch, since it is integrated with the voice changer and allows you to play shortcuts audio samples through your mic signal.

How to use a soundboard in Overwatch?

  1. Install, execute and configure Voicemod correctly on your PC.
  2. Open your System Audio Settings & configure Microphone (Voicemod Virtual Audio Device (WDM)) as Default Microphone. With this, any sound played on the Voicemod Soundboard will sound in overwatch voice chat.
  3. Access the Memo Sound Machine section of Voicemod and select the audio files you want to use in the online game.
  4. Assign keyboard shortcuts to each sound.
  5. Access Overwatch and enjoy the soundboard in your online games such as Voicemod’s Meme Sound Machine.

Overwatch 2 Reaper

Reaper Voice Changer

Тhe real name of the Reaper is Gabriel Reyes with main antagonist role in game lore of Overwatch and Overwatch 2.The Reaper is a mercenary, he was once a founding member of Overwatch, but he defected and became a leader of Talon’s council. The Reaper appears in 2 animated shorts, the “Recall” and “Infiltration”. Former friend, Soldier 76 is now his arch-nemesis, Winston and Cole Cassidy are also Reaper’s archenemies.

Wrecking Ball Voice Changer

Wrecking Ball is the callsign Hammond chose for himself , while Winston’s designation was ‘Specimen 28’. Undergoing genetic therapy on the Horizon Lunar Colony, this hamster has increased greatly in size and intellect. He taught himself engineering and mechanics and managed to escape to Earth, landing amidst the Junkers of the Australian Outback. Right there he rebuilt his escape pod into a ball battle mech we know as Wrecking Ball and became a champion gladiator and later personal bodyguard of the notorious Junker Queen.

Overwatch 2 Wrecking Ball

OW2 Roadhog

Roadhog Voice Changer

Roadhog has the reputation of a ruthless killer with affinity for cruelty and destruction. His true name is Mako Rutledge, a resident of the Australian Outback. After the Omnic Crisis, the government gifted the Australian Omnium and surrounding area to the omnics and permanently removed Mako and many others from their homes. Furious over the loss of their homes, they formed the Australian Liberation Front and rebelled against the omnium and its robot population. Their actions eventually led to the destruction of the omnium’s fusion core, creating an apocalyptic wasteland in the Outback. In this new environment, Mako adapted by wearing a mask and riding a chopper, and eventually became known as Roadhog. Over time, he lost his humanity and became the ruthless killer he is known as today.

Bastion Voice Changer

Bastion was once a combatant in the Omnic Crisis. Now Bastion explores the world, fascinated by nature but staying away from humans. Bastion robots were created for peacekeeping, but during the crisis, they were turned against their creators and formed the bulk of the omnics’ army. When the conflict ended, most Bastion units were destroyed or savaged. However, this damaged unit was left forgotten for over a decade in the forest. Laying dormant, rusting and overgrown with plants, until it unexpectedly reactivated and its combat programming lost, it now explores the nature to discover its purpose on a post-war world

OW2 Bastion

OW2 Zenyatta

Zenyatta Voice Changer

Zenyatta is an omnic monk who wanders the world in search of spiritual enlightenment. Once part of a group of outcast omnics who experienced a spiritual awakening and established a monastery in the Himalayas. After decades of meditation, they believed they possessed souls like humans. The monks, led by Tekhartha Mondatta, sought to heal the wounds caused by the Omnic Crisis and bring the world of humans and robots back into harmony. Zenyatta believed the only way to resolve the conflict was through interpersonal connections. He left the monastery to walk the world and help those who want to overcome their personal struggles. He is also fighting to protect the innocent, regardless of whether they are human or omnic.

Kiriko Voice Changer

Kiriko is a lively, playful person with a sharp wit and a cheeky sense of humor, full of energy and intelligence. Kiriko loves to joke around with her teammates believing taking care of those around is her personal mission in life. Do not be fooled Kiriko is cunning and agile, like the fox spirit that helps her. Kiriko is a skilled martial artist with impressive supernatural abilities, such as teleportation and healing. She is a formidable opponent in combat and can hold her own against even the most skilled opponents.

OW2 Kiriko


How to use Voicemod with other games & apps

We have prepared some tutorials to help you configure Voicemod with your favorite programs.